Wednesday, November 28, 2007

irony of dependency

I know all of us depend on someone for something every day but things don't go a smooth everytime:) With the good success of getting good pictures taken of the jewelry, last week I dropped off a fresh batch of pieces to be photographed with not so good success this time. I couldn't put any of the images online for variety of reasons. Maroon color stones look black, pendants not placed properly (I take sample pictures and give them on a cd for reference too).

One necklace I forgot to send the picture of came out that made me think whether I shoudl cry or laugh. On the left is the picture that I took (somehow missed putting it on the Cd for them). A beautiful lariat with 9 different stone drops in it with a hook and clasp at the back for easy wearing. When I put it in the Tampere kivi messut, people really liked it and admired itand I couldnt' wait to put it on the website.

But here is how it came out in the picture(on the right). I am not kidding. Two pieces are seperated and put side by side. Now, how anyone in the world is supposed to think this is a necklace and buy it from the website is beyond me. I got very frustrated. After taking a week's time, this is how I get them back. They offered to redo it again but well, didnt' get a chance to go and drop them off and have a show this weekend so can't afford to leave them, new designs on the website have to wait..

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