Thursday, November 15, 2007

New necklaces soon...

I knew I should have gotten all the necklaces pictured before starting the website:) I thought I will do that in parallel but the way it went, I became a bit complacent and just concentrated on working the website. Some of the designs that I actually put as part of AccessoriesTheShow are still not on the website. A couple of them didn't come out good in the last photoshoot so they are still waiting. Last week I felt like nothing but designing and this week there are no available spots with the photo studio:( So, have to wait till next week to get them photographed and them post on the website.

I was looking through them last night while finishing up the designs I worked on last week (felt lazy to finish the necklace with clasps etc last week...) and really loved one with red natural corals bunched up into a flower on this delicate vermeil chain...and also realized that neither "Opals" - one of the reviewer-favorite designs nor its replacement/complement made it to the website. This time instead of just having it with opals, came up with 4 different colors in two different themes for almost the same center piece as "Opals" but less complicated.

Its snowing and -6C and cloudy here in Finland...brrrrr...but it gave perfect opportunity to design a wedding necklace for a friend here who is having a winter wedding in Feb and loves strong winters:) Want her to see it this weekend before I post it here but it has beautiful white moonstone briolettes and little balls of austrian crystals. its custom designed and so wont' make it to the website but will definitely get blogged..

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