Tuesday, September 25, 2007

BellaOnline article on Ovarian Cancer and Kuukivi mention

Bellaonline had an article today on Ovarian Cancer awareness by their FashionJewelry Editor Susan and Kuukivi is mentioned along with a picture of Opals design . It was a nice article and I learnt something that I didn't know before. Thank you Susan.

As you know, Kuukivi is part of SheFinds OCRF fundraising and will donate 20% of proceedings of Opals design for the whole month of September. The Opals design is run in SheFinds blog for OCRF last friday

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kuukivi in Brad Cooper Gallery

Kuukivi designs are now in Brad Cooper Gallery in Tampa, Florida. One of the designs presented there is not even on Kuukivi website yet. Its called Peacock and has Apatite and Iolite drops hanging from SS chains along with Amethyst, Apatite and Iolite beads.
I am really excited and looking forward for seeing Kuukivi designs in more galleries around the world.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Swagtime, Emmy bag and kuukivi

here's what Swaggirl said about Kuukivi in Swagtime "Everybody Wins at Emmy Awards" Nominee gift basket

"And of course, always wear my Kuukivi jewelry. Each nominee received a specially designed necklace or barcelet & earrings (no two are the same) handcrafted by Sheela, whose inspiration comes from nature and combines Indian, American and a European style for her global looks. Keep an eye out for the soon to be launched Kuukivi Holiday collection."

Sakura is another design that went to one of the lucky winners of the bag:) Sakura in Japanese mean Cherry blossoms. The center piece on this beautiful necklace has Ruby and Vesonite faceted roundelles with a Citrine drop at either end. At the center is a white coin Pearl with a chain hanging with Citrine drops and a couple of Ruby roundelles.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

One of a kind necklace for Emmy bag

thought I will post a few pictures of the beautiful pieces that went with the celebrities yesterday through the "Everybody wins at Emmy awards" Nominee gift bags. If anyone spots them, I would love to hear about it.

This one is actually a one of a kind necklace and cannot even be reproduced. The Pendant came from India and is a 22k gold plated with Onyx and white stones. Its complemented with Black Onyx drops and beads on either side of a rollo chain.

Ofcourse another one is what they used for the bag picture, Aamani in the previous posting. A few other favorites included are Mohini , Opals and Sitara

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kuukivi in the Emmy bag picture

Its only 3 more days for Emmy Awards.....Just recieved this picture of all the goodies that are going to be in the "Everybody Wins at Emmy Awards" Nominee gift bag. Lot of exciting goodies indeed. Can you find the one and only Kuukivi necklace in the lot? Want a clue? Its the only necklace in the picture:) and just behind the Emmy Award. Ok OK enough bragging about it. The necklace they chose to picture is Aamani which I thought is awesome and perfect as it has Moonstones (Kuukivi in Finnish translates to Moonstone).

For better viewing, here is Aamani. Its a gold filled necklace with Moonstones handwrapped alternating with Ruby and Vesonite roundelles.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back in Finland jetlagged

Never used to get jetlagged but this time its hitting me too. Couldn't stop myself from falling asleep at 8pm but woke up in 3hrs and now I am wide awake and wondering if I would sleep again at all tonight. Oh well, there's tons of wrk to do anyway.

Last week in Bay area was tons of fun. Had a trunk show at a girlfriend's house, just a few friends and neighbors dropping by. Had a few sales and lot of fun with girls trying out the jewelry. And last week was also the time Kuukivi sent out 40+ individual unique designs for the 2007 "Everybody Wins at Emmy Awards" nominee gift bags. A few designs were common between the celebrity bags and press bags and the rest are all unique. Also included a card in each box with the name of the necklace and the materials/stones used in that necklace and signed them. Looking forward to seeing some of Kuukivi designs everywhere:)

Decided to postpone unveiling the bracelet and anklet collection and combine it with the holiday gift collection next month. Just updated the website removing some of the items that I can no longer make (unique pendants, hard to find stones etc) or want to retire that design. Working on making some design changes to the website before featuring the holiday collection to make it easier to navigate.

Monday, September 3, 2007

SheFinds, OCRF and Kuukivi

I know I blogged it earlier but now the time is here. This event is through the month of September. Kuukivi is one of the designs featured in SheFinds to support OCRF . 20% of all proceeds from online sales of Kuukivi's Opals for the entire month of September will be donated to OCRF. Its for a very good cause People.....Come and order some:)

Here's the picture of Opals for you to see too...I am hoping to generate a decent amount to donate to OCRF.