Friday, May 23, 2008

Kuukivi is Trendi...

Trendi is a brand new site or as they call it "ultimate place to find fashionable clothing and accessories". Its a pretty cool site with cool features. you can pick your collection, vote on designs (magic or tragic or somewhere in between) to form the trend or simply browse products and make a list you would love to have (or have to have). Its quite different from lot of other fashion sites around.

Kuukivi is honored to be picked among the first phase of companies to be included into Trendi launch. Quite a few of Kuukivi designs are on Trendi voting list now and I am extremely happy to say that most of the designs are making into the "Magic" side of the trendi (meaning lot of people are voting it high and adding them to their online collection/wish lists). Some of the designs that became magic include "Peacock", "Maala", my favorite "Dream", almost all the multi-layer designs. Check them out on Kuukivi or Trendi.

Thursday, May 8, 2008


I haven't blogged in quite a while. One of the reasons being to see if it will stop the spam comments I have been getting on the blog. Everytime there is a new blog, in a few hours, there are comments with a link to click which goes to some spam site. Got tired of deleting them often (and another one comes back when I delete) so thought if I don't add new blog posts for a little while, maybe, hopefully this site will get out of their range. I really don't want the readers to click on one of those awful spam sites by mistake.

And I have been taking classes learning new skills. When I created the circle designs for the summer collection, I used pre-made rings knowing that really soon I will be able to create them really really soon. now I am all ready with new shapes and designs all handcrafted by me finally:) realized that I really love working with all these tools and the satisfaction of seeing them integrated into my designs is just soo good.