Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Celebrating Childrens artwork

Along with the relaunch, I am bringing out a new line of products in Kuukivi.  I have to say my little son is the inspiration behind this entire line.  He draws the cutest cars and stick figures and ofcourse gives them to us.  While I do save them, I dont get to enjoy them as often as I would like because they are always inside a box for protection.  That's when I got the idea to look into how to save them and still enjoy them whenever I want to.  That's when I encountered Metal Clay Silver, pure silver in powder form with organic binding thus making it look and feel like clay and once the design is done, just firing it up in a kiln burns off the binding leaving pure silver piece behind.

As luck would have it, found a great teacher Pat Evans and started taking classes and expanding my horizons.  Recently there was a competition for metal clay Silver with a requirement to have a hinge in the piece created.  That gave me an idea to create a miniature scrapbook made with Silver with my little one's drawings and a couple of my favorite textures added.  Here are a couple of pictures of the beautiful memorybook I created.....I made this to look like a scrapbook found after a century or so - really antique with bumps and dents and.... Then I included my little one's first ring (gift from a friend when he was born) onto the hinge and his picture on the front set in resin.....

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kuukivi reborn again....

2years, 8 months and a week after the last post, Kuukivi is reborn again.  We came back to North California a few months ago and I decided to relaunch Kuukivi again.  Only this time, adding a new innovative product line and focusing more on that but ofcourse will always have new original design line as well.

It has been a very interesting 3 years with me starting a science museum in Tampere, Finland which I was working on even while I was working on Kuukivi here.  Unfortunately the financial model didnt work out in Finland and had to close the science museum there although children absolutely loved the place and got me the nickname of Science Lady (which my son makes sure it stays).

I just wanted to stop procrastinating and start posting Kuukivi blog again...will add the details about the new line and post pictures very soon...  I do have a FaceBook page for Kuukivi and did post a few pictures in the last few days which I need to get them here as well....

Apart from my original designs, I started learning and using MetalClay Silver for added flexibility in designs etc and its Fine Silver....I love working with Metal Clay for another reason too.  I wanted to make Kuukivi as green as possible and MetalClay gives me that option as the Metal Clay Silver is completely made from recylced Silver..