Wednesday, November 28, 2007

irony of dependency

I know all of us depend on someone for something every day but things don't go a smooth everytime:) With the good success of getting good pictures taken of the jewelry, last week I dropped off a fresh batch of pieces to be photographed with not so good success this time. I couldn't put any of the images online for variety of reasons. Maroon color stones look black, pendants not placed properly (I take sample pictures and give them on a cd for reference too).

One necklace I forgot to send the picture of came out that made me think whether I shoudl cry or laugh. On the left is the picture that I took (somehow missed putting it on the Cd for them). A beautiful lariat with 9 different stone drops in it with a hook and clasp at the back for easy wearing. When I put it in the Tampere kivi messut, people really liked it and admired itand I couldnt' wait to put it on the website.

But here is how it came out in the picture(on the right). I am not kidding. Two pieces are seperated and put side by side. Now, how anyone in the world is supposed to think this is a necklace and buy it from the website is beyond me. I got very frustrated. After taking a week's time, this is how I get them back. They offered to redo it again but well, didnt' get a chance to go and drop them off and have a show this weekend so can't afford to leave them, new designs on the website have to wait..

Monday, November 26, 2007

Free Shipping till Dec15

In holiday spirit, Kuukivi is offering Free shipping on all orders above $100 till Dec15. and Most orders can and will be shipping within 24-48hrs.

Happy shopping

Two trunk shows in Tampere

Two new trunk shows coming up in the next two weeks. One in Hervanta, Tampere on Dec2nd and the other one would be a Open Studio show at my studio on Dec9th. Decided to have the shows here on Sunday afternoons and have to see how they go.

During the Tampere Kivi Messut show 10 days ago, I got asked for two things repeatedly. (a) for even simpler earrings to wear to office. So, decided to create "single stone" series with just one Pearl or a Moonstone or a Amethyst drop handwrapped and present them for the first time during these shows.

(b) Men's jewelry - A few men came and complemented the jewelry and asked if I have anything for men as they like the style and colors. hmmm.. I have never thought of men's jewelry before (coming from South India, men do wear jewelry but only chains around the neck or a 'tiger's toe' on a chain.) I promised them I will think about it and probably offer next year. Putting my creative mind into gear to think about it in the background but leave it there till atleast after holidays to even experiment with designs.

Waiting on pictures from the photo studio to include them into the website and will be offering FREE SHIPPING for the first 2 weeks of December.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

until nextweek...

Had an exhausting 3 day show in Tampere. The culture here is soo different from US its unbelievable. eg: People expect to see any jewelry above 20Euros to be in a glass box and jewelry boxes with open glass tops and NOT the way we usually have trunk shows and craft shows in US. One customer asked how can I prove that they are real stones and I have no idea how to prove them except askign them to take it to someone who knows about stones.

Good thing was a couple of people who has extensive knowledge about stones came by to look and complimented (unfortunately not when the customer was asking about the stones) that I use very good quality stones and worth the price. Well, it pays to shop with the reputed stores. Thanks Taj company which is where I bought most of the stones and Kamal trading where I buy almost all the chains and components.

Taking a break this week. Ofcourse will be shipping out the orders but no more new designs and no getting the designs photographed either. Got an appt withe the studio for early next week and so the website will be updated then including adding prices in Euros with VAT included. Want to try out something else and see if that can be part of Kuukivi or not...yes, I know I am being very secretive but unless I know if I can even do it, didn't want to say anything.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

New necklaces soon...

I knew I should have gotten all the necklaces pictured before starting the website:) I thought I will do that in parallel but the way it went, I became a bit complacent and just concentrated on working the website. Some of the designs that I actually put as part of AccessoriesTheShow are still not on the website. A couple of them didn't come out good in the last photoshoot so they are still waiting. Last week I felt like nothing but designing and this week there are no available spots with the photo studio:( So, have to wait till next week to get them photographed and them post on the website.

I was looking through them last night while finishing up the designs I worked on last week (felt lazy to finish the necklace with clasps etc last week...) and really loved one with red natural corals bunched up into a flower on this delicate vermeil chain...and also realized that neither "Opals" - one of the reviewer-favorite designs nor its replacement/complement made it to the website. This time instead of just having it with opals, came up with 4 different colors in two different themes for almost the same center piece as "Opals" but less complicated.

Its snowing and -6C and cloudy here in Finland...brrrrr...but it gave perfect opportunity to design a wedding necklace for a friend here who is having a winter wedding in Feb and loves strong winters:) Want her to see it this weekend before I post it here but it has beautiful white moonstone briolettes and little balls of austrian crystals. its custom designed and so wont' make it to the website but will definitely get blogged..

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Kuukivi and National Kidney Foundation of SoCal

Tomorrow is the George and Ann Lopez hosted "A Dish and a Dance with the stars" including a silent auction to raise funds for the National Kidney Foundation of Southern California. Its hosted at CBS studio and is 21st Annual Great Chefs of Los Angeles.

Kuukivi donated this gorgeous Blackand White necklace for the silent auction with brushed Silver discs and rutilated Quartz drops handwrapped.

Friday, November 9, 2007

New Trendi review of Kuukivi - "far fetched gems"

Kuukivi has been fortunate to be on the radar of Trendi:) Summer from Trendi blogged a few of the Kuukivi designs and I have to say, i love Summer's reviews. Her style of writing makes it interesting to read.

Mohini, the necklace on the left is one of my favorites and one design that always get sold first in every trunk show I have since the beginning of the company 9 months ago. Incidentally, this was the first piece that got reviewed when Trisha posted a review in

and I am hoping these new anklets will pickup momentum so I can offer them as one of Kuukivi specialities continuously.
The other pieces that Summer picked are Intia-Silverflower, Anklets - Vesuvonite and Earrings - Free coral.

Thank you Summer and Thank you guys rock!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

working on new designs, new blog for D4A ...

Tampere fair is coming close so started working on new designs..a lot of simple designs that would be perfect for holiday gifts:) First time after starting Kuukivi, I am working with Swarovski and Austrian crystals. I had a decent collection of beautiful Swarovski briolettes and Austrian crystals in various pendant shapes. These would be perfect for the 'Simple Pleasures" . I hope I will have enough time to get them photographed before the show.

Now that Kuukivi and I are with Designers4Africa, decided to go an extra mile than just donate 4 pieces of jewelry for auctions to raise money for the non-profit organizations. I contacted a couple of amazing jewelry designers Nicole ( and Shama ( both of them loved to join D4A.

I also offered to start a blog and help with blogging for D4A and April responded saying I am now the official blogger for D4A. hahahaha...well, today started a new blog for D4A ( check it out. Added a heartwarming story by April how she met Jolly Okot and the softer side of her. Planning on interviewing/talkign with a few amazing people who are working directly or indirectly with D4A thru non-profit organizations in the next few days...

Friday, November 2, 2007

Kuukivi partners with Designers4Africa

A few weeks ago or so got an email from April of Designers4Africa asking if Kuukivi would like to work with the organization in raising funds for a few non-profit organization. To start with, it needs a minimum of 4 pieces to be donated for auctions for non-profit organizations. Well, we believe in using balancing the business aspect of Kuukivi with giving back to the community as much as possible and have been participating in a few different charity events since the inception so ofcourse I said 'Yes'. I also offered to do more than just donate 4 pieces a year. For starters, I will try to recruit more designers for the organization and as April said in an email last night, I will start being an "official blogger" for D4A. watch out for my blogs there:)

I think its a great idea for designers to work together in helping the non-profit organizations. Apart from sending out a few items for auction for different charities like "Life Rolls On" foundation for Spinal Cord injury and participating in the month long event of raising funds for OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund), Kuukivi also pledged 1% of all its profits to non-profit organzations. The first one to work with is Little Twinkle started by Sruti Patnaik from San Jose, CA and her mom doing most of the 'behind the scenes' work in India. Its amazing how much work went into creating new schools in the utmost rural areas of India for children to get basic education and special projects for those kids who are very talented but can't afford to go to higher studies. I have known this organization for a few years and mostly my contribution has been to provide a check to Sruti and usually it went into getting new toys/sweets for the kids during the holiday trip she used to make to India. I am hoping I can do more thru Kuukivi for this one too.

Kuukivi in "Susan's Passion for Jewelry" Designer showcase

After a review on Kuukivi by Susan Dorling, Kuukivi got invited to be in her new SPJ designer show case. I really liked Susan's style of approach and her articles as the fashion editor at Bella Online so ofcourse I was thrilled to accept the opportunity. SPJ went live on Wednesday and the site is very well done. She opened up spots for marketing opportunities for designers who want to showcase their products. Contact Susan for more details.