Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Holiday pricing for all new designs in the collection...

This is the season everyone gives discounts/sales etc etc. Well, instead of taking the regular approach of discounts which almost always have a short time limit, decided to try something new. All the 'new' designs in the collections are priced at what we call "holiday pricing". Holiday pricing is 20% less than normal/regular pricing applied flat for all the 'new designs' that are in the collection now and the new designs that will come thru December 2007. But unlike normal discounts, these prices stay the same at the holiday prices till they are retired or sold out giving you more opportunities to buy.

New website, New collection.....

just got the site alive....finally....after 3-4 weeks of intense hard work. almost reminded me of the startup companies I worked before Kuukivi, working till 3-6am and go about usual day with 2-3 hrs of nap. But...its here....

(a) New and improved website with high quality pictures to show accurate colors and more pictures per design

(b) New collection includes luxurious and truly "one of each" designs including 'intia collection' with Sterling Silver and 22kgold plated pendants from India. Two new collections are also introduced.
The 'just for fun' series have 'something different' - Hoop necklaces with a few drops handwrapped, just pendants that can be added to any chain or pendants+earring sets etc.
The new Anklet collection includes chains specially brought from India for anklets and gorgeous drops/beads handwrapped to them. The length of the anklets is longer than regular ones you see around here and wrap around your ankle really well.

(c) If you are still not sure what to buy for some of your tough loved ones, we now have gift certificates via Paypal.

yay!! any comments/feedback is appreciated too ofcourse..

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"just for fun" collection

Have been really crazy this week with the work on new website. Uploaded it to testing server and ofcourse a few links failed, a few descriptions look wrong and a couple have wrong links!.

Hoping to still launch it mid next week. Along with the new website there are lot of new goodies to look out for. One of them is "just for fun" collection. They have the feel of Kuukivi designs for sure but chains etc are not the regular kind. There might be a few pendant+earring sets, a few hoop chains like this one here. A simple hoop chain with a seablue Chaceldony drop handwrapped with 2 Apatite roundelles.

Friday, October 19, 2007

introducing a few pendants

As part of holiday collection, I thought I will introduce the items that I have been thinking for a while. A few simple pendants that you can hook to any chain that one might already have. It has a small clasp to just hook to a chain. This one here is a 18mm Cherry Quartz briolette with a bali spacer and a flower cap and pearls hanging at the top.

Ofcourse there will be an option to buy with a chain too and add a few more pendants to wear a different pendant a day (hey! we change the tops we wear don't we)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

black and gold

One of the striking combination is Black and Gold and if you combine such a gorgeous brushed gold drop, with a thin long black spinel, it turns out just yummy. The brushed gold drop is a vermeil drop with hole from top to bottom so I can use it as a center pendant. A Spinel drop at the bottom and a few spinel faceted beads on either side makes the whole pendant simple yet elegant.

coming soon with the holiday collection...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

introducing anklets this holiday season

while I am workign away with images and website, thought I will share a few pictures here. During my recent trip to India, bought some beautiful anklets and added touch of beads to make it fun and beautiful. Anklets in India are a little longer than the ones we normally see and they drape around the ankles regally. Here's one of them with garnets handwrapped.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

another new design

Seems like grey is The color for this year and the Tourmulated and Rutilated Quartz seems to be the hot stone of this season!. I don't remember seeing these in abundance till the last gemshow in San Mateo. Ofcourse I fell in love with them and bought some. I also found some long (18mm) slender drops in Black Spinel. Well, the combination is simple but just gorgeous.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

finally pictures I can start posting here and on website soon

Look at this picture.. I made this a couple of months ago but didn't even post it on website because no matter how many times I tried, the pictures I took didn't do justice to the colors on the necklace and so just kept it in my vault.
This morning I dropped off a bunch of necklaces at the studio ( and they sent me a sample picture this evening and I just love the way the colors came out and this is a low res picture too. can't wait to get all the pictures and work on teh website this weekend. Although this morning I realized that I do not have quite a few of the current collection to get the pictures taken. so, I need to work on making some of the favorite designs and get the pictures taken next week.

Monday, October 8, 2007

jewelry photography

Got a new tent, got a new Canon SLR camera....but apparantly it also needs really powerful flash lights to get good pictures...and I was trying with good old halogen lamps:) I am soo ready to give up on photographing them myself till I take some classes on how to take the pictures. How does everyone take pictures? When I take, either they come up with yellowish background or bluish blackground. Yes, I have to tinkering with the White Balance feature but can't get it right. So, finally decided to take an appt with a studio and get the pictures taken. So, after almost a week of shutting myself in my studio, came out and do some real create another piece with vermeil drop and black spinel beads in gold filled chain...if only i can take good pic and put it here:) hopefully by weekend I will have good pics to start sharing here...

Current plan is to release the holiday gift collection by end of october. crossing fingers for that...

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

holiday collection is on the way...

I should have probably keep updating the website with the new designs but kept thinking of changing the website a little before putting more designs. Have been learning more about photographing jewelry. Ordered some light tent and waiting for them to come this week. Hopefully in the next 3-4 weeks i will have everything ready.

have been designing/making some pendants (yes just pendants) with a hook that can be attached to any chain. They make great gifts too for this holidays. got some beautiful tourmulated quartz and rutilated quartz and is the first time i have a few designs in vermeil. And ofcourse bracelet and anklet collection will come online along with these items. stay tuned...