Thursday, June 28, 2007

In Intia for the next 2.5weeks

We are off to India (Intia in Finnish) for the next 2.5 weeks...visiting family, sightseeing, to find some rare gems for kuukivi etc etc etc. One highlight of the trip would be the visit to Kanyakumari. Its the southernmost tip of the country and a meeting point for 3 oceans and I hear you can see the seperation of the three oceans as they are in different colors (or shades of blue maybe?) I am excited and will try to take good pics. Kanyakumari is also known for most stunning Sun rises and Sunsets...definitely a inspiration point for color combinations:) Taking enough stuff to work there and booked a cottage on the beach to take it all in....

I am sure by now you can tell how excited I am (and its first trip to India for hubby and my little boy too...

I am sure I will blog a bit from there (habits die hard) and hopefully share some good pics

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mania TV, OCRF and Kuukivi

We were driving to countryside last thursday (it was a long weekend in Finland called mid summer festival where everyone leaves the city and go to countryside/summer cabins and spend time with friends and family) and around 11:30 in the night it's bright enough to sit and read a book and I see the most beautiful Sun out in sky thinking if setting down for the day is even an option. The intensity was less so you can actuallly see a big red can anyone not get inspired to come up with new designs seeing that...but I digress.

Damaris (Stylist@ManiaTV) contacted Kuukivi a few weeks ago and with very nice things to say about the designs (Thank you Damaris). He recieved some of Kuukivi pieces last week and promised to send me a schedule of the shows (atleast the first few) when they are going to appear on ManiaTV and I promise to post it here. I am excited and can't wait to see them. They are Kuukivi's first celebreties:)

On another note, Kuukivi is contributing to OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund) by creating a design that will up for sale Sept1 and donating 20% of all the sales of that design. I am honored to be able to do this for the worthy cause. Will post more details as they come. This opportunity came through ''.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Kuukivi in

Another cool review of Kuukivi designs in!!!. Love the review and ofcourse have a few words to say about the designs she picked too. The asymmetrical one - Hearty Pink came out when one of my friends asked me to make one for her college going daughter in cool colors:) I love the simple toggle in the front with a nice pretty pink Chalcedony drop hanging and added blue especially to go with any jeans (My favorite color of jeans is always blue so..)

Bhanu in Sanskrit means Sun. Imagine if you will, the very early Sunrise when almost everything is grey with a few specks of pinks and yellows flowing through and that's the Bhanu here. Ofcourse what other stones can create a more beautiful grey cascade than Iolites and Labradorites?

Thanks Jenny

Sunday, June 10, 2007

TheGreatAuction done

I am quite pleased to see the final bid of $150 for Kuukivi gift voucher on the KQED-KTEH auction. I didn't get to see it till today as I escaped to mid-Finland for the weekend to visit family and just hangout in a nice summery days...well, did that but also got bit by scores of mosquitoes and have small bumps all over my shoulders and ankles as I refused to wear anything but skirts and sleeveless tops in the short summer we have here:) Just came back and sitting in the balcony overlooking the big lake with small boats still sailing (you can sit outside and read a book till atleast midnight if not later for the next 2-3 months!!) with nothing but quiet and peace to work.

Congratulations to the highest bidder and looking forward to see the selection.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Kuukivi in SF Indie Fashion and more..

Yesterday, Kuukivi's Korali got featured in SF Indie Fashion . Ofcourse I didn't see it till this morning (its already night here when its day in SF). Its so exciting. Korali and its cousin Sininen have been stealing hearts across the world. Loved the review and thank you Lorraine for your kind words.

Kuukivi contributed a pair of earrings for the IndieFixx's "Fruits of Summer contest" along with 12 other Indie designers. Just Sign up for Indie Fixx mailing list before July16 to enter the random draw.

Meanwhile, the GreatAuction for KQED-KTEH is still going. It ends On Friday June07. There are a lot of great items there including ofcourse Kuukivi Gift Voucher for $200 worth of any jewelry from Kuukivi website. If you are in Bay area (especially), do go to the site and bid on stuff you might enjoy. Its for a great cause.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kuukivi in Finland

Its been an interesting week here in Finland. Left a few pieces of Kuukivi jewelry in a boutique here in Finland for its customers to see and feel and give feedback on style etc. The feedback was positive although women who came to the boutique felt they are for people who are a bit younger at heart:) but will definitely be looking at Kuukivi for the holiday season. Kuukivi just missed the biggest event of summer in Finland - graduation. Its amazing how big even high school graduation is here. Big parties with extended family from all over the country attending the party! and men in suits and women shopping just for this occasion.

O Pals, Mohini Orange and Sininen are favorites here. Its exciting to do market analysis in a new city/country with different culture and even more exciting to find out that the basic designs that are popular here are almost the same ones from US..