Monday, June 11, 2007

Kuukivi in

Another cool review of Kuukivi designs in!!!. Love the review and ofcourse have a few words to say about the designs she picked too. The asymmetrical one - Hearty Pink came out when one of my friends asked me to make one for her college going daughter in cool colors:) I love the simple toggle in the front with a nice pretty pink Chalcedony drop hanging and added blue especially to go with any jeans (My favorite color of jeans is always blue so..)

Bhanu in Sanskrit means Sun. Imagine if you will, the very early Sunrise when almost everything is grey with a few specks of pinks and yellows flowing through and that's the Bhanu here. Ofcourse what other stones can create a more beautiful grey cascade than Iolites and Labradorites?

Thanks Jenny

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