Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Kuukivi in Finland

Its been an interesting week here in Finland. Left a few pieces of Kuukivi jewelry in a boutique here in Finland for its customers to see and feel and give feedback on style etc. The feedback was positive although women who came to the boutique felt they are for people who are a bit younger at heart:) but will definitely be looking at Kuukivi for the holiday season. Kuukivi just missed the biggest event of summer in Finland - graduation. Its amazing how big even high school graduation is here. Big parties with extended family from all over the country attending the party! and men in suits and women shopping just for this occasion.

O Pals, Mohini Orange and Sininen are favorites here. Its exciting to do market analysis in a new city/country with different culture and even more exciting to find out that the basic designs that are popular here are almost the same ones from US..

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