Friday, May 25, 2007

weekly blog?

its turning out to be a weekly blog! Its been quite a week. Last thursday marked our first wedding anniversary:) and my dearest hubby got me this beautiful quartz inclusion pendant set in Silver and I made a two level necklace with the top level with the inclusion pendant as a choker. I am waiting for a little Sunshine here to take picture of it.

Kuukivi donated $200 gift Voucher for the KQED-KTEH TheGreatAuction . I used to listen to NPR everyday when I was in Bay area and had long commutes. Its my way of giving back to them a bit. The winning bidder gets to select any jewelry from Kuukivi website upto worth $200. The bid is supposed to be online sometime today. I hope the bidding goes well. Check out the auction site and Kuukivi should be under Apparel and Fashion.

Kuukivi in NEET magazine . Check the last page for it and ofcourse it is "O Pals" design.

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