Friday, May 25, 2007

weekly blog?

its turning out to be a weekly blog! Its been quite a week. Last thursday marked our first wedding anniversary:) and my dearest hubby got me this beautiful quartz inclusion pendant set in Silver and I made a two level necklace with the top level with the inclusion pendant as a choker. I am waiting for a little Sunshine here to take picture of it.

Kuukivi donated $200 gift Voucher for the KQED-KTEH TheGreatAuction . I used to listen to NPR everyday when I was in Bay area and had long commutes. Its my way of giving back to them a bit. The winning bidder gets to select any jewelry from Kuukivi website upto worth $200. The bid is supposed to be online sometime today. I hope the bidding goes well. Check out the auction site and Kuukivi should be under Apparel and Fashion.

Kuukivi in NEET magazine . Check the last page for it and ofcourse it is "O Pals" design.

Friday, May 18, 2007

jewelry to complement bag or vice versa?

Didn't realize its been more than a week since the last blog. Been a bit busy trying to do a bit of marketing for a change and give designing a rest. Marketing aside, while reading Freddy&Ma blog, occurred to me...

lot of women do like matching shoes with the dress or bag to match the ensemble and yeah ofcourse a little thought always goes into what to wear as jewelry for any given dress but i don't think much thought is given to what jewelry to wear with what bag or vice versa. well, i thought it would be a fun thing to do to see and match up with some adorable bags that are out there and see which Kuukivi design matches that.

The first one I will pick is one of my favorite Freddy&Ma bag with such cool colors

and it made me think of Taimi, and it made me think of this Kuukivi necklace Taimi

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kuukivi in FashionTrends

I am excited about Kuukivi's "O Pals" design getting featured in Daily yesterday

When I saw the multilink chain in an online store (Finedings), I knew I wanted to work with that chain. It looked wild and fascinating and had this urge to tame it a bit. Next thing i know, I added delicate chain and chose Opals not only for the color but well, it suited the "O" link chains and ofcourse the name 'O Pals' followed.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

still waiting for spring..

Its May and not yet warm enough for the likes of me in Tampere but I can see the signs for spring everywhere. Teenages walking in cute little skirts with a "I don't feel cold at all" look on their face, new leaves turning up on the bare trees.

During my last visit to Bay area in March, went and bought cute tops, skirts and dresses from Forever 21 thinking there is no way I will find such cotton cuties in Finland. But what do you know...for the past month or so, all i see are cotton tops although I am not a big fan of the skirts here so there..

while browsing, came across yet another fashion show that happened very recently Lakme Fashion week in India ( Amazing designers that probably not part of the mainstream of world fashion yet. One of my favorites is of Geisha designs by Paras and Sahlini.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

And thus it starts...

This is my very first blog both as Kuukivi and as an individual. Since a good friend gave me the idea of blogging for Kuukivi, I have been itching to start it and here it is...

Knowing what an Instant messenger junkie I am (have atleast 3 of them signed in at all times), I am glad I waited to start blogging till the Fall'07 collection is done and posted on website. Yeah, there are a few designs that need photographing to finish it completely but..

well, changed the website a bit too. Almost all the designs are a fusion of styles and cultures with a bit of Indian touch (can't help it really me being an Indian and all) into everyone. The names of the designs are from across the world too (I just name them whatever the final design reminds me of) so thought why not let the website have fusion theme too. So, for Gold-filled collection, named it Sona (Sona is Hindi word for Gold, there is no word for Gold-filled really) and for the Silver collection, named it Hopea (Hopea is Finnish word for Silver). well, they just seem to fit with the other English names like Kuukivi casual:)

oh! ofcourse the company name itself, Kuukivi, is a Finnish word for Moonstone.