Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Kuukivi in Helsinki International Fashion Show in August

Yes..before the reality hit me about the two shows being only a week apart at two different parts of the world, I already signed up for both of them:) The International Fashion show is in Helsinki and is the leading Fashion show of Finland and this year its on August 19 & 20. Helsinki is only 2hrs away from Tampere where we are residing so it would have been a shame not to use such a great opportunity. This will give Kuukivi an opportunity to learn about Finland and Scandinavian (if not entire Europe) market and trends.

Its going to be quite a month for Kuukivi.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Kuukivi profiled in FashionCEO

A few weeks ago, Kuukivi (and I) became a member of FashionCEO . After reading about Kuukivi in Fashion CEO's chat board, Susan Osborne asked if they could profile Kuukivi for their new section "Indie Inspiration" which runs for 2 weeks. It just came out today. You can see a brief glimpse of it at the bottom of this page but I think the full profile is open for only members.

This is the first time I let a picture of me come out:)

Saturday, July 28, 2007

World is small indeed

The other day I joined SheFinds in Yahoo Groups and posted about Kuukivi and some passes available for the Las Vegas show. A little later I recieved an email from Katja Presnal. She complimented Kuukivi and said she found Finnish influences in some of Kuukivi designs ( Sininen for example) and also posted a review for Kuukivi in her blog. Thank you Katja.

Katja is Finnish mom living in US and has an awesome Kids clothing company called Skimbaco . I love the collection she has. Skimbaco has kids room furniture and deco too. The other cool thing is even moms can shop a little for themselves too while finding something for the kids:)

I come to the other side of the world to Finland to meet someone online who is from Finland but is in US:) Internet indeed makes the world quite small.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Kuukivi selected to participate in AccessoriesTheShow in Las Vegas

I am soo excited to reveal the news. Kuukivi is going to exhibit at the Las Vegas AccessoriesTheShow , one of the biggest fashion events especially focusing on Accessories. Its staged alongside Moda Las Vegas and attended by quite a few international buyers as well.

Kuukivi will be booth # 530. We are going to debut Anklets and Bracelets at the show and also planning on launching a very limited exclusive "Intia" line with beautiful chains and pendants acquired during my recent trip there. This will be the first of the series of exclusive lines Kuukivi is planning on for different parts of the world. In the next few weeks I will post more details about Kuukivi's plans for the show.

i still have some buyer passes left. If you are buyer/boutique owner and would like to visit the show (and hopefully stopby at Kuukivi), please email me at sheela@kuukivi.com and I can mail the pass to you.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Kuukivi and Life Rolls On Foundation

Almost forgot today is July 22nd. Today is the "Night By the Ocean (Dinner and Silent Auction)" by Life Rolls On Foundation and Kuukivi has contributed to the silent auction. Life Rolls on Foundation helps people affected by spinal cord injury (SCI) and this is their annual fund raising event. Kuukivi is honored to be able to contribute to the fundraising for this great cause.

I will blog tomorrow to reveal what the item is (after the event happened) although not sure if I will ever know who is the winning bidder.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kuukivi in BellaOnline

Like I said the trip to India wasn't bad at all:) While i was away on the trip, Susan Dorling (Bella Online's fashion jewelry editor) posted a front page featured article on Kuukivi. Thank you for the awesome article Susan. I couldn't check my email and hence couldn't provide her with permission to use the images from Kuukivi website in time but she promised to include them as time permits. Some of her comments:

"There is a symmetry and fluid motion in all the pieces in this collection. A love of color is evident and lends a vivaciousness to all designs."

Talking about Kuukivi design " Sitara ", she said "Complex and fascinating, this piece epitomizes elegance and is one of the many highlights of the Kuukivi brand."

"Think flowing natural designs that celebrate the beauty of gemstones and reflect the passion the artist has for her beautiful homeland of India and the global community that has become her home"

Back to blogging

Had a great trip to India but glad to be home again. Even though Bangalore is a big city, the place we chose to stay had very crappy internet connection and ofcourse no internet connection in Kanyakumari (chosen on purpose) so forced to just enjoy the trip, family and nature. It was an astounding experience looking at Mysore Palace with its beautiful architecture inside and ofcourse watching 3 oceans at the same time in the same place in Kanyakumari is an unforgettable experience. But everytime I go to India, I get a bit of culture shock to see how much it changes. All that said and done, glad to be back and be online (what did we ever do before the internet days I wonder).

While I was away on the trip Damaris@maniatv sent an email saying they aired episodes on ManiaTV with Kuukivi jewelry on their beautiful model Megan all week. He sent me movie files of the footage but are way too big to include in the blog. If I get some still pictures from him, i will be sure to post them here.