Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Back to blogging

Had a great trip to India but glad to be home again. Even though Bangalore is a big city, the place we chose to stay had very crappy internet connection and ofcourse no internet connection in Kanyakumari (chosen on purpose) so forced to just enjoy the trip, family and nature. It was an astounding experience looking at Mysore Palace with its beautiful architecture inside and ofcourse watching 3 oceans at the same time in the same place in Kanyakumari is an unforgettable experience. But everytime I go to India, I get a bit of culture shock to see how much it changes. All that said and done, glad to be back and be online (what did we ever do before the internet days I wonder).

While I was away on the trip Damaris@maniatv sent an email saying they aired episodes on ManiaTV with Kuukivi jewelry on their beautiful model Megan all week. He sent me movie files of the footage but are way too big to include in the blog. If I get some still pictures from him, i will be sure to post them here.

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