Monday, March 24, 2008

Appel&Frank pics

We went to the Appel&Frank show and realized that I forgot the steppers I planned to use to display the designs at different heights and the camera to take pictures. Our neighbor exhibitor Sarah graciously took a few pictures and send them today. Thank you so much Sarah.
That's Savita who came to help me out at the show. Thank you dear

The summer collection that I am still trying to get on the web

Friday, March 21, 2008


Ok Ok..when I said this years summer designs are all about circles (and multi layers), I included oval drops (and rectangles and rhombuses) shapes too into the category...Here's one design that has two Silver drop shaped rings connected to the chain. A natural red coral hanging in between and a few rectangle coral beads on just one side to make it modern yet give a tinge of color and brightness.
have a nice weekend and a great Easter everyone...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

as seen in "What Designers"

What Designers is an online shopping guide with focus products that are contemporary/modern aesthetic. Kuukivi is one of the jewelry designs that got into the spring guide. Ofcourse the design chosen was "Mohini" .

The shopping guide has quite a few unique items and not just in jewelry. I loved the BEEBEE Mod tees for kids

Thank you all of you for supporting independent designers.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Oceanbreeze....another summer design

My favorite circle design which took quite a while to get the design exactly to what I envisioned a few months ago. It has been sitting on a sketch just because i was missing a few tiny iolite drops to add the tinge of dark blue into it. It has about 70 gemstones handwrapped individually from seablue chalcedony long drops to tiny iolite drops with Pearls and a whole lot more in between.
Still hoping to get these designs online by end of tomorrow...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

3 layered necklace..

one of the multi layer necklaces from summer design collection. I thought I will finish photographing and editing and post on the website this weekend but had to take the weekend easy and not work much. And I still need some practice on focusing (as you can tell from this picture) so it might be a little while longer till they get on the website.

This is a gold-filled necklace with 3 different styles of chain. The first and innermost is very thin chain with solid rectangle pieces connected to a single faceted chalcedony bead horizantally. The middle layer has three different types of stones (19 in total) namely hessonite garnet, spessarite and garnet with a citrine right smack in the middle. The outermost chain has another chalcedony bead connected vertically. This bead has ofcourse three drops hanging one of them is green apatite to just add a tinge of green to the entire necklace.

The necklace just look stunning with all the drops sparkling away and the colors complement the gold filled chains really well. I really loved working on it and it came out just the way I envisioned it.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

spring breeze...another summer design

hehe, yes the name says spring breeze and it is part of Kuukivi summer design. what can I say:) walking everyday with my 2 yr old amongst lot of trees that just started to get new leaves while yellow pollen with white petals flying around everytime there is a slight breeze is such an inspiration for mind and heart.

And like I mentioned in the previous blog, this summer collection is about circles and multi layers...this one is another circle focused design. The handmade hammered center circle has a beautiful long Green Onyx drop and I don't know which is complementing which. Around that there's a bountiful of gems - Emeralds with their rich green color, citrine with its cool yellow color and ofcourse tiny pearls with aquamarine beads...just love the color combination and this chain goes so perfectly with everything.

Monday, March 10, 2008

cool summer designs coming...

Started the photographing stage for the new designs...Last summer/Fall was about designs with exotic pendants from India. This summer its all about multi-layer designs and circles....Here is one of the designs that will be unveiled at Appel&Frank event this thursday.

Lots of beautiful moonstone drops, Hessonite garnet in different shades, green apatite drops (in total 30+ drops) handwrapped to this beautiful thick chain and 5 Silver rings spaced evenly into the necklace with one of them in the center of the pendant hanging down.

Will try to blog about one design every night this week and hoping to get all of them on the website by next monday.