Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Kuukivi in BellaOnline

Like I said the trip to India wasn't bad at all:) While i was away on the trip, Susan Dorling (Bella Online's fashion jewelry editor) posted a front page featured article on Kuukivi. Thank you for the awesome article Susan. I couldn't check my email and hence couldn't provide her with permission to use the images from Kuukivi website in time but she promised to include them as time permits. Some of her comments:

"There is a symmetry and fluid motion in all the pieces in this collection. A love of color is evident and lends a vivaciousness to all designs."

Talking about Kuukivi design " Sitara ", she said "Complex and fascinating, this piece epitomizes elegance and is one of the many highlights of the Kuukivi brand."

"Think flowing natural designs that celebrate the beauty of gemstones and reflect the passion the artist has for her beautiful homeland of India and the global community that has become her home"

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