Monday, November 26, 2007

Two trunk shows in Tampere

Two new trunk shows coming up in the next two weeks. One in Hervanta, Tampere on Dec2nd and the other one would be a Open Studio show at my studio on Dec9th. Decided to have the shows here on Sunday afternoons and have to see how they go.

During the Tampere Kivi Messut show 10 days ago, I got asked for two things repeatedly. (a) for even simpler earrings to wear to office. So, decided to create "single stone" series with just one Pearl or a Moonstone or a Amethyst drop handwrapped and present them for the first time during these shows.

(b) Men's jewelry - A few men came and complemented the jewelry and asked if I have anything for men as they like the style and colors. hmmm.. I have never thought of men's jewelry before (coming from South India, men do wear jewelry but only chains around the neck or a 'tiger's toe' on a chain.) I promised them I will think about it and probably offer next year. Putting my creative mind into gear to think about it in the background but leave it there till atleast after holidays to even experiment with designs.

Waiting on pictures from the photo studio to include them into the website and will be offering FREE SHIPPING for the first 2 weeks of December.

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