Tuesday, November 20, 2007

until nextweek...

Had an exhausting 3 day show in Tampere. The culture here is soo different from US its unbelievable. eg: People expect to see any jewelry above 20Euros to be in a glass box and jewelry boxes with open glass tops and NOT the way we usually have trunk shows and craft shows in US. One customer asked how can I prove that they are real stones and I have no idea how to prove them except askign them to take it to someone who knows about stones.

Good thing was a couple of people who has extensive knowledge about stones came by to look and complimented (unfortunately not when the customer was asking about the stones) that I use very good quality stones and worth the price. Well, it pays to shop with the reputed stores. Thanks Taj company which is where I bought most of the stones and Kamal trading where I buy almost all the chains and components.

Taking a break this week. Ofcourse will be shipping out the orders but no more new designs and no getting the designs photographed either. Got an appt withe the studio for early next week and so the website will be updated then including adding prices in Euros with VAT included. Want to try out something else and see if that can be part of Kuukivi or not...yes, I know I am being very secretive but unless I know if I can even do it, didn't want to say anything.

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