Friday, November 2, 2007

Kuukivi partners with Designers4Africa

A few weeks ago or so got an email from April of Designers4Africa asking if Kuukivi would like to work with the organization in raising funds for a few non-profit organization. To start with, it needs a minimum of 4 pieces to be donated for auctions for non-profit organizations. Well, we believe in using balancing the business aspect of Kuukivi with giving back to the community as much as possible and have been participating in a few different charity events since the inception so ofcourse I said 'Yes'. I also offered to do more than just donate 4 pieces a year. For starters, I will try to recruit more designers for the organization and as April said in an email last night, I will start being an "official blogger" for D4A. watch out for my blogs there:)

I think its a great idea for designers to work together in helping the non-profit organizations. Apart from sending out a few items for auction for different charities like "Life Rolls On" foundation for Spinal Cord injury and participating in the month long event of raising funds for OCRF (Ovarian Cancer Research Fund), Kuukivi also pledged 1% of all its profits to non-profit organzations. The first one to work with is Little Twinkle started by Sruti Patnaik from San Jose, CA and her mom doing most of the 'behind the scenes' work in India. Its amazing how much work went into creating new schools in the utmost rural areas of India for children to get basic education and special projects for those kids who are very talented but can't afford to go to higher studies. I have known this organization for a few years and mostly my contribution has been to provide a check to Sruti and usually it went into getting new toys/sweets for the kids during the holiday trip she used to make to India. I am hoping I can do more thru Kuukivi for this one too.