Friday, November 9, 2007

New Trendi review of Kuukivi - "far fetched gems"

Kuukivi has been fortunate to be on the radar of Trendi:) Summer from Trendi blogged a few of the Kuukivi designs and I have to say, i love Summer's reviews. Her style of writing makes it interesting to read.

Mohini, the necklace on the left is one of my favorites and one design that always get sold first in every trunk show I have since the beginning of the company 9 months ago. Incidentally, this was the first piece that got reviewed when Trisha posted a review in

and I am hoping these new anklets will pickup momentum so I can offer them as one of Kuukivi specialities continuously.
The other pieces that Summer picked are Intia-Silverflower, Anklets - Vesuvonite and Earrings - Free coral.

Thank you Summer and Thank you guys rock!

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