Thursday, May 8, 2008


I haven't blogged in quite a while. One of the reasons being to see if it will stop the spam comments I have been getting on the blog. Everytime there is a new blog, in a few hours, there are comments with a link to click which goes to some spam site. Got tired of deleting them often (and another one comes back when I delete) so thought if I don't add new blog posts for a little while, maybe, hopefully this site will get out of their range. I really don't want the readers to click on one of those awful spam sites by mistake.

And I have been taking classes learning new skills. When I created the circle designs for the summer collection, I used pre-made rings knowing that really soon I will be able to create them really really soon. now I am all ready with new shapes and designs all handcrafted by me finally:) realized that I really love working with all these tools and the satisfaction of seeing them integrated into my designs is just soo good.

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