Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back in Finland jetlagged

Never used to get jetlagged but this time its hitting me too. Couldn't stop myself from falling asleep at 8pm but woke up in 3hrs and now I am wide awake and wondering if I would sleep again at all tonight. Oh well, there's tons of wrk to do anyway.

Last week in Bay area was tons of fun. Had a trunk show at a girlfriend's house, just a few friends and neighbors dropping by. Had a few sales and lot of fun with girls trying out the jewelry. And last week was also the time Kuukivi sent out 40+ individual unique designs for the 2007 "Everybody Wins at Emmy Awards" nominee gift bags. A few designs were common between the celebrity bags and press bags and the rest are all unique. Also included a card in each box with the name of the necklace and the materials/stones used in that necklace and signed them. Looking forward to seeing some of Kuukivi designs everywhere:)

Decided to postpone unveiling the bracelet and anklet collection and combine it with the holiday gift collection next month. Just updated the website removing some of the items that I can no longer make (unique pendants, hard to find stones etc) or want to retire that design. Working on making some design changes to the website before featuring the holiday collection to make it easier to navigate.

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