Thursday, September 13, 2007

Kuukivi in the Emmy bag picture

Its only 3 more days for Emmy Awards.....Just recieved this picture of all the goodies that are going to be in the "Everybody Wins at Emmy Awards" Nominee gift bag. Lot of exciting goodies indeed. Can you find the one and only Kuukivi necklace in the lot? Want a clue? Its the only necklace in the picture:) and just behind the Emmy Award. Ok OK enough bragging about it. The necklace they chose to picture is Aamani which I thought is awesome and perfect as it has Moonstones (Kuukivi in Finnish translates to Moonstone).

For better viewing, here is Aamani. Its a gold filled necklace with Moonstones handwrapped alternating with Ruby and Vesonite roundelles.

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