Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wintery show

This year it does look like real Winter in Finland. Last year, even for Christmas there wasn't enough snow and it felt like almost everyone was a bit worried about global warming (espcially after watching Al Gore's documentary) and so I guess we should be happy its definitely going to be a white Christmas here. Lookign out from my studio window, i see all the trees covered with white and about 5-6 inches of snow everywhere on the ground. Just started doing some Bridal designs after getting inspiration from designing for a friend here for a winter wedding.

This weekend is Open Studio show and sale in Tampere and excited about it. Making a few pieces that got sold and are popular. Serving Gloggi (a hot drink made with currant juice and spices), gingerbread cookies, homemade muffins and coffee (did I ever mention my other passion is cooking and cook twice a day almost everyday?). Apparanty Gloggi is also made with wine or fruit gloggi is served with Vodka in evenings but not for this show ofcourse:) Its a traditional holiday drink (I think even in Sweden) and tastes yummy especially (the fruit one, haven't tasted the alcohol version of it) when its nice and warm in your hands while its snowing and negative temperatures outside.

Worked a bit more on the Designers4Africa blog y'day and added a few pictures from the annual fundraiser for "Drop in the bucket", one of the non-profits D4A supports. And ofcourse, haven't taken the pictures to the photostudio yet for rework yet.

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