Thursday, December 13, 2007

Design inspired and dedicated to the two friends in my life..

We three have been together for almost 10 years now. here's the three of us at the trunk show hosted by paddy (as we call her) in September.

We always had a blast and giggle like crazy eating tons of hot sauce in a thai restaurant or sipping a margarita and eating chips at chevys:) These two have been my bestest (is that a word?) friends and we went through a lot together. even with me half way around the world for a year now, we are always upto date on what's going on with each others lives (well, for most part anyway)...Thanks to the internet...

Although I decided to retire my earlier design of Opals with 3 big circles and 3 small circles within in the pendant and opals hanging from them, I still wanted to work with the circles. So, i decided to simplify the pendant (cut off two smaller circles in it) and use it. It left me with 3 big circles and one small circle that's holding all the three circles. Whatever it is that's holding us together, those 3 circles reminded me of us three going through thick and thin in the last 10 years!!. The result of it is this design in two different variations and 2 different colors of each variation. On the right is one variation with Opals and Blue Topaz with a blue topaz hanging from the small circle in the center. The other color variation was with dark maroon garnet briolettes (in place of opals) and Vesuvonite drops(in place of blue topaz).

The other variation is just simple Marquees (on the left) with a roundelle and Bali spacers in the small center circle. The other color variation of this is with Carnelian marquees.

Here's to Us girls....and all the best friends around the world.......may we enjoy the fruits of friendship until the end.

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