Thursday, December 20, 2007

Visit to Santa's Clause village these holidays

just one (well 1.5) more working days and its holidays!!!! My dear hubby is also taking off the 3 or so working days next week before New Years so we can take the whole 10-11 days and visit relatives around the country. His sister and brother live in Northern part of Finland and I haven't visited that parts of the land ever.

There is a place in Northern Finland (known as Lapland) called Rovaniemi and is believed to be where Santa Clause along with Mrs Santa Clause and elves live. If time permits, this seems to be the place to visit even if it is just after Christmas.

Closer to home, couldnt' get another time with the photostudio to reshoot the jewelry so all those 30+ new designs have to wait till next year for me to come back to US and get them photographed. That's a bummer but trying not to let that get me down in the holidays.

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