Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Science and Art or Art and Science

As people who are familiar with me knows I LOVE Science....especially all the fun experiments you get to do in the name of science:)  I do a few Science shows in schools and a lot more experiments at home with our little one.

This weekend I am having a Jewelry show and decided to mix it up a little with Science...Maybe create a bit of Instant Snow for the guests while they are sipping wine or tea to get them into the winter holiday mood or let the kid in everyone's heart come out while playing with the amazing Chinese bowl that sprays water to refresh.... and a few others... 

Will post some pictures after the show and I am excited to mix up Science and Art.  Along with Jewelry, I am also making a few of these adorable gifts with live succulents in it which are easy to take care of and liven up any work place (and ofcourse home)..

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