Friday, December 2, 2011

@The SantaCruz Heritage Fair unveiling Childrens artwork jewelry line

So ofcourse I didn't stop at just entering the competition.  I have been working on this new line to customize jewelry with childrens' artwork.  I wish I was more ready than I am by this time of the year but atleast I still managed to unveil it at the SantaCruz Heritage Fair well before Christmas.

The idea is simple:  With just 3 steps, you can get your child's artwork turned into a family heirloom that you can enjoy daily and keep it for ever.

(a) Pick a drawing (or more if you want).  This is the hardest part
(b) Send us a copy of the drawing or a good scanned image.
(c) Select the product you want in the shape you want, in the size you want

And we will miniaturize the drawing, make it into a stamp, imprint it onto Fine Silver, antique it (or not depending on your preference) and send it to you.  And if that's not enough, I add a nice design on the back of the pendant (or keychain) so you can use it reversible. It is also possible for a little extra charge to put two drawings on each side or the name of the child and the year they drew the picture so even after a decade or two, you can always look at it and tell exactly when they drew it.

The products to choose:

(a) Pendant only  (b) Pendant with chain  (c) designer necklace  (d) bracelet (e) key ring (f) charm necklace or bracelet (sizes will be between 0.5in to 0.75 inches each).

Sizes:  (a)  approx. 1 inch  (b)  approx 2 inches

Shape:  (a) Circle (b) Oval (c) Square (d) Rectangle (e) Triangle (f) Flower

Pattern to choose if you want to for the backside (free of charge)

A couple of examples....

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