Monday, February 18, 2008

woes of shopping cart:(

Well, for the first time, signed up for an online trunk show with SheFinds thinking now that I am back in US, I should start getting the name out more and build internet sales. Well, with moving just about a month ago and with the flu seasons and what nots and overconfidence that every shopping cart will have a feature to offer discount codes, I completely forgot about checking into the shopping cart I use if they actually do offer the feature. And ofcourse in the last second possible realized that it doesn't!!. Literally the only option available now is to change the shopping cart of the website! While its not a bad idea to do that, I can't do it in a day or two...takes a couple of weeks in development and then testing before putting it on a live site!!!. I got sooo royally screwed (pardon my french).

I am hoping the customers wont' get completely put off by this and send me an email with the order # and the discount code so I can promptly give them the discount. To show my appreciation for being understanding and patient, I am sending a gift certificate for $20 for any future purchases (Yes, the current shopping cart does take gift certificates:)).

I reallly want to get the spring/summer collection and the wedding collection out on time as planned (towards end of March) so decided against my better judgement to leave the shoppign cart as is and take it up a couple of months later.

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