Thursday, February 7, 2008

wintery wedding necklace unveiled

I know I blogged about this beautiful Wedding necklace I was custom designing for a friend in Tampere, Finland. Well, that was the last piece I worked there before moving back to California. well, design was done before but altering the length and add a beautiful back to match the wedding dress got done last.

Since its a winter wedding, the necklace has lot of moonstones to represent snowy white ice with a long almost 2cm long moonstone drop in the center. small balls with tiny crystals are added to give that extra sparkle just like the snow flakes in sunlight. All of these handwrapped to a tiny curved chain.

And introducing Kuukivi signature back for wedding necklaces...Especially with a wedding dress with low back, small pearls each individually handwrapped and connected to any wedding necklace design, it will give a classic look. Ofcourse just 4 blue sapphire beads just around the clasp takes care of that little"something blue" ...

unfortunately there wasn't enough time there to find professional photographer to get this pictured so just blogging it with pictures taken from my tiny digital camera.

Kuukivi wedding designs will be unveiled end of March....

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