Monday, November 19, 2012


I just saw a wonderful complement from Liz on her facebook page regarding the pendant I posted in my last blog.  I love getting feedback from customers.

Last week I was working feverishly towards finishing up a piece for MetalClay Today challenge - Ornamental piece.  I managed to finish, photograph and send it out 2hrs before the deadline:)

Thought I will share something not related to the jewelry I make.  Our family is a bit crazy about legos. We have a small townhouse but legos have their own room in it (admittedly not a full size room but a storage/play space under the stair case but still...).  Last year my husband and I wanted to build a lego model of our son's face (2D ofcourse).

There is an app on iPhone that actually converts any photo into lego photo (and I used it to make lego photoframes into our sons lego birthday goody bags).

But this project needed a little more help. While we were in Europe we found this software which does a better job than this iPhone app (but for some reason the software was strictly for Europeans only!!!) Luckily we used it there so we tried out a few photos to see which one works best and settled for one that gave us the best results.  It gave us what and how many colors/legos we need.  Finding all the colors and different size legos was not an easy job. I had to order from multiple sources and substitute sizes sometimes.

But ofcourse we procrastinated the actual build process by almost a year.  So, finally decided we have to do this before Thanksgiving.

With everything else that was going on, it took us more than a week to build the 1600+ piece model.  Here is a picture of it.  I need to put backing and hang it up...It was lot of fun building legos and probably the only lego project that our son didnt help build:)

That's our accomplishment for this Thanksgiving and my musings for this week:)

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