Sunday, May 13, 2012

Art Clay Silver certification and more...

Last weekend Sadaf and I completed the requirements for the Art Clay certification.  It was cool and we made all 7 pieces, some are definitely our favourites, some not so much but was good learning experience overall.  I never did make a piece completely using syringe and it was challenging but now I know:)

At home, decided to give "plique a jour" enameling method a try and was proud when I actually succeeded in it in the first try (well, first try that actually went into the kiln).  It took a couple of tries, a peek into one of the best enamel books by Linda Darty and a deep breath to get the enamel to stick on the syringe pendant I made for certification (which has no backing).

Ordered a macro lens finally so waiting for it to arrive next week so I can take pictures and start posting the projects I have been working on, including the latest bronze pieces!!

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