Thursday, January 17, 2008

A perfect "Fusion" design

While Kuukivi has designs that are appealing for different generations and different categories of women, this particular design has stolen hearts of 3 different generations and three different categories in two different continents.

(a) Teenage girls loved the simple yet modern look of the design. I had parents buying it for their daughter's graduation party last summer.

(b) 30+ career women working in different industries loved the same design for its simple beauty and elegance. This is a design that you can wear to office easily and for an outing...all it needs is a change of dress (maybe) :)

(c) 70+ year old grandmoms loved the design for the link chain with the blue chalcedony hanging and the Pearls that are connecting the link chain to the Sterling Silver chain. I just sold one a couple of weeks ago for a grandmom here in Finland for a wedding (her grandson's wedding ofcourse).

3 generations, 3 different careers, 2 different continents - now that's what I call a perfect "recipe" or the perfect "Fusion" design.

Another really cool thing I noticed the other day...recently I sold four different necklaces - Sininen, a very unique necklace that I can't reproduce (Neelamani), Chakra(shown on the left and Quartzy all in a single family to three different generations:) Sininen was for the grandmom (mentioned above), Neelamani was for a young career woman, Chakra and Quartzy are for two sisters who are in a generation between the other two.

Although this is the response I hoped for with my designs, to actually experience it is something amazing altogether. These type of responses is what keeps my inspiration growing.....Thank you everyone.


Claudia said...

What a gorgeous necklaces, I love the first one with the blue stone!!!
Great designs!

About Kuukivi said...

Thank you Claudia. I love hearing feedback and know which of the designs are keepers for long term:)